corporate identity
complete ci for finnish/ irish startup FRAMLABS. A business consulting firm that teaches big businesses to think like startups. the visual identity spins of the idea of disruptive thinking, juxtapose, the element of surprise.

the logo is based on the disruptive thought process. started out as doodle, ended up being a version of the lower-case f, taught in finnish schools in the seventies.

visual id / animation
visual identity and a bunch of animations for tv series on the finnish YLE. the tv-series "klick" presents contemporary finnish photographs and the identity – not very suprising – plays with aperture and depth of field.

the intro is used as negative and positive versions, to fit the visual style of the photographer.

outro and info graphics:

iOS magazine

An iPad magazine designed for Helsinki Food Company – Johanna Lindholm and Teresa Välimäki. Check it out in iTunes Newsstand.

Helsinki Food magazine consists of 10 delicious seasonal recepies and is published monthly. There is both an english and finnish version. Mouth-watering photography by Nico Backström and coding by Marko Tanninen at Frendo. We are using the maggio-platform by Richie.

While you're at it, check out the Goodfood blog by Teresa and Johanna.

Corporate identity

Corporate redesign for textile designer Johanna Gullichsen. The starting point was the original CI – designed by Johanna herself.

Promotional postcards / flyers (below). Photography by Nico Backström

Electronic broshure of the huge selection of fabrics and products.

A joint venture with photographer Nico Backström.

We've combined our skill sets to provide clients a service that will help them to create a strong photographic identity. The business cards complement each other aswell.

The website is at backstromlassenius.com

Animations for a childrens TV show on the national network Yle FEM. A sort of v2.0 of the Tv series Testpatrullen" that I did a few years back.

Direction and casting: Paola Dadda
Camera: Johannes Östergård
Edit: Nina Ijäs
Music and sound: Ludde Allén & Pontus Nybergh
Styling: Minttu Vesala


The fifth (and final) short film in the series "25 words per second" – video pieces based on contemporary swedish poetry, this on a poem by Peter Mickwitz.

Above is the english version of the film. The original, swedish version can be found on vimeo aswell.

screen shots:

The film was shot in 2011 in Berlin with burlesque performer Eden. Cinematography by Armin Mobasseri and Fabio Dentella. Voiceover by Rasmus Slätis.

Got involved in Johanna Sumuvuori's EU campaign. Tried to create a fresh image that represents Johanna's personality. Obviously, it ended up not looking like any other campaign.

The portraits were done in co-operation with photographer Nico Backström.

A series of animations for Unu-Wider, an UN organisation that does research about foreign aid. Most of the drawings were handpainted by illustrator Alexandra Forss:

Type-based info graphics were added by yours truly:

The second film in the series. Concerning foreign aid and the enviroment.

Visual identity + animations for TV show on YLE, Finland. The concept of the show is to visualize the changes in our society through TV archive material.

The visuals used layers of wallpaper to underline different periods and trends.

Screenshots from the indent below. Wallpaper is torn away to reveal layer after layer. Well known posters emphasize various periods.

Won the award for "Best use of archive" by the International Federation of Television Archives in 2013.

Poster and DVD for short documantary by HT Partanen. A film about the most central of places in Helsinki, "The Senate square", the catherdral and it's steps, where a lot of historical events have taken place. The footage is mostly taken from archives.

Production by Zone2 Pictures.

Visual concept for talkshow.
Bettina i Stockholm is a talkshow, where one of the most popular finnish talkshow hosts – Bettina Sågbom – goes to Sweden to meet interesting finns living over there. The opening sequence (above) is about that journey.

The style of the show is playful and colorful, with a lot of hand-drawn elements. Typography is a mixture of cartoonish and painted styles. Music is done by Ola Tappert and Fredrik Forell.

The show aired on national networks both in Finland and Sweden.

The insert Finländska spår (above) goes on a journey in sweden to find finns living in different parts of the country. They present their home towns from a finnish perspective.

The guests of the show are presented thru an introductionary sequence with voiceover (missing from the clip below).

TV production and animation

Science TV-show produced for Yle Fem. Thirteen episodes of action-packed experiments and informational animations.

Co-directed with Sonja Österberg (who also shot the series) and Paul Olin (who appeared as handyman "Pale"). Co-produced with Petra Holm at Yle Fem.

In-between animations that explain what really happened and why. Voiceover by Sonja Kailassaari.

Updated website for the best hair salon in town. Black is the colour of choice, stylish and simple.

Background animation done in adobe edge for maximum compatibility with mobile devices.

In addition to the usual content, the site includes a slightly pimped facebook feed. Keeping it simple, the website is just one page.


New website for the film production company Ja!mediaproduction. Site built on a Wordpress theme by Theme Trust.

Details of the front page…

Notebook scans as background…

A stripped down vimeo-player and minimalistic slideshow.

55 minute film / video piece based on Shakespeare's Hamlet. Visualization of the neoHAMLET radio play by Markus Sundblom.

Direction / creative team: Markus Sundblom, H-P Vitikainen and Rikard Lassenius. Screenings in Kiasma, Helsinki.

style of cinematography:

graphic elements:

Corporate identity & website

Mooment is one of the most interesting companies emerging on the danish design scene in recent years. They produce a number of different products ranging from jewellery to furniture.

Mooment launched in 2005 with the highly successful RingRing, an acrylic ring by designer Cecilie Manz. The logo was designed to reflect this design, taking a very danish, minimalistic approach.

Apart from doing the CI, the brief included the website, a wide variety of promotional material and a complete database to handle orders, bookeeping, stock etc.

The company website:

Children's CD

A hobby project of mine. A CD with ten classic (and not so classic, swedish children's songs redone in a modern electronica-ish manner. vocal performances by Irina Björklund, Sam Huber, Martin & Anna Ilmoni and Eva Kela. Most of everything else done by myself.

More info at trollmusik.fi

The first song that we did. One of my alltime favorites. The feel of the arrangement set the mood for the whole record. Eva's and Sam's voices work really nicely together.

A song that Irina had on her wish list. A real french classic. One of the more traditional arrangements.

Another song that i wasn't familiar with. A traditional indian chant. The spelling of the title varies quite a lot. Madeleine Chartrand made a hit out of it back in 1973.

Just had to include a song by Kent on the album. I felt that the strings in the end are a bit on the cheesy side, but Jyri Riikonen (who mixed the album) talked me into keeping them.

Another wonderful classic. So simpel, yet so powerful.

Redesign of logo

While working in Berlin, i worked on a number of projects for Michael Schickinger, creative director at Design Hotels at the time. Redesigning the logotype was one of them. It is still in use today worldwide.

(below) The current Design Hotels website, designed in-house.

Corporate identity and motion design

Corporate identity and web design for the swedish media communication company Haldin Communication.

The company is a small but growing player in the nordic market. They are also a typical company of today: working with many aspects of broadcasting and communication, but still staying small – growing and shrinking depending on the projects at hand. Networking is key, and that is why traditional stationary would be a waste of money.

Wordpress based Web programming by Oliver Niemann at bivisual.net.

Web design

Furniture startup Moco (Modern Country Home) needed a dynamic website that can expand with time. Earth tones were chosen to communicate the look and feel of the brand. The logo and typo needed work aswell and where updated at the same time.

The website was built in Wordpress by Lauri Liimatta and is currently at moco-home.com .

color scheme

Experimental shorts

“25 words per second” is a series of experimental short films / art videos made between 2000 and 2008. They are all 10 minute long pieces and are based on modern poetry.

Av-arkki in Finland is distributing these films.

"roo" – based on tatjana brandts text with the same name – tries to analyze a relationship in crisis and a young woman in the midst of turmoil. it is a graphical and abstract piece. Minttu Matikkala (Di Vincenzo) appears at the end.

"sår" (wounds) deals with loss and hope. it is based on a poem by Eva-Stina Byggmästar. The film was shot in the vast plains of Ostrobothnia. Maria Ahlroth plays the main woman.

"elle" - based on catharina gripenberg's text with the same name - is a story about the end of childhood and friendship between two young girls. The movie is a mixture of a number of different animation styles.

Animated short film

"Mustavuori 101" is the first animated short film by Rikard & Robert Lassenius.

The boys of the film have created a secret refuge in the attic of their parents house and have shut themselves off from the outside world. From their safe haven the brothers observe the dangers of the outside world: the adults - their parents as well as neighbours - the factory, the train station and the river. Here, amongst the odd bits of memorabilia, games are played and dreams are dreamt. Here stories of times past merge with childish fantasies. But no one could anticipate that the children's fantasies would be so in conflict with the sober live of the adults, and the consequences of this so disastrous.

Technique: Computer animated, hand-drawn- and coloured aquarell on paper.

Written, directed and co produced by Robert and Rikard Lassenius
Produced and edited by François Rossier
Music by Gian Utschèls

Distribution: Interfilm, Berlin
35mm / color / stereo

Corporate identity, web- and motion design

Corporate Identity and web design for media production company based in Helsinki, Finland. The name implies a large number of activities in a number of fields, which interact and cross-pollinate. Kaleido is like a multi-talented individual, moving seamessly in a number of directions.

The goal was to create a visual identity which works mostly online and on-screen, not to forget the more traditional forms of media, colour and black&white.

Television indent (below)

The web page is at www.kaleido.fi

Visual id and animations for tv show

På Luffen is a format by Ja!mediaproduction. It is a TV travel show already in its fifth season. After discovering of Europe and Africa, the latest season featured India.

Inspired by the rich colours, forms and shapes of India, we decided to do something similar with the graphics. The result is a wonderful mess of elements which, nonetheless, somehow fit together.

Illustrations of the indian gods by Robert Lassenius.

excerpts of the animations: